At FINDING PRODUCTIONS  we believe in helping you succeed in the Latin market segment, by Inspiring the Latino community with creative Commercials, TV Shows and Marketing Campaigns

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Who we are

Finding Productions is a young driven company specializing in today’s market specifically operating in Los Angeles, California. We are the new generation of hard-working professionals who seek a different and unique route in the television corporation. We have more than 15 years of experience and have strong communication links with Mexico and the U.S. The founders Thene Muciño, Jackeline Cacho and Aarón Cacho have been part in this business for over 15 years and have collaborated in order to provide high results. Each has their diverse area of expertise in production and has been recognized for it through the Latin media. A young group with experience in which “You” the consumer can trust with your product. These young individuals have a broad understanding and are able to facilitate all abilities. With their set of skills they bring a diverse set of qualities which is essential in the competitive industry of production. Thene Muciño, the president of this company.

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